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CharacterAI Alternatives: 6 Best And Free Picks for 2023

It is 2023, and AI-powered chatbots are out to revolutionize the world of communication. Since the development of cutting-edge chatbots with the ability to impersonate human tones and conversations, there has been a visible impact in many industries.

Are you looking for some CharacterAI alternatives in 2023? In this blog, we will discuss the features of CharacterAI in detail and some CharacterAI alternatives that will make your job much easier.

What is Character AI?

CharacterAI is an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot that uses a large language model (LLM) to generate human-like text responses and engage in contextual conversations. With the help of deep machine learning, CharacterAI helps you to have realistic conversations with different character-based chatbots that can be celebrities, historical figures, and fictional entities. Ever since its launch in beta form in September 2022, it has become one of the most popular character-based chatbots that can help in various forms like entertainment, customer service, and education.

Features of CharacterAI

  • Access most of the Features for Free: CharacterAI allows you to use most of its features for free, and you can access the website or download the application.
  • Chat with a diverse variety of pre-made characters: There is a huge variety of pre-made characters to pick from and have a most realistic conversation with. You can choose from Taylor Swift, Edward Cullen, who is one of the most popular characters from the Twilight series, and even Elon Musk!
  • Create Personalized Characters: CharacterAI allows you to create a virtual character for you to converse with. You can also create generative text formats so that they can give informative answers to your queries. You can also personalize them, giving them a name and avatar of your choice.
  • Organize Group Chats: You can organize a group chat with multiple characters to make the conversation more entertaining.
  • Generate Creative Text Formats: You can create some interesting and creative text formats with your characters like writing a letter, drafting an email, narrating stories, and so much more!
  • Receive Informative Answers: The characters can give you informative answers to your queries, and some of them can be funny and entertaining. You can rate the response of your characters to get more refined answers in the future.

What are some of the Best CharacterAI Alternatives?

Now that I have listed the features of CharacterAI, you must be wondering why we need CharacterAI alternatives.

One of the major reasons is that CharacterAI does not support NSFW (not safe for work) content. Basically, it does not allow users to use any kind of inappropriate terms or nudity and often bans users who tend not to follow this rule. This is one of the main reasons why users look for CharacterAI alternatives.

It is also often the case that users get bored using the same platform, and want to explore other options as well. Therefore in this blog, I will guide you through a list of CharacterAI alternatives that you can surely try out. I will be discussing the following CharacterAI alternatives in detail:

  • Janitor AI
  • ChAI
  • Anima
  • Tavern AI
  • Crushon AI
  • Candy AI
Free Tier Available.
Subscription starts from $9.99/month.
Free Tier Available.
Subscription starts from $10/month.
Free Tier Available.
Subscription starts from $12.56/month.
Tavern AI is free to use, but because it depends on external APIs, these may charge for usage and subscriptions.
Free plan available. Subscriptions start from $5.7/month.
Free plan available. Subscriptions start from $9/month.

Janitor AI

Janitor AI

Janitor AI is a website offering anime chatbots to converse with. This platform is one of the most popular CharacterAi alternatives using LLM to generate engaging responses. When I tried this website, I was surprised to find an array of pre-made anime characters to chat with, and it also allowed me to create a virtual character of my choice. One of its advantages over CharacterAI is that it allows NSFW content, and this attracts a larger user base. You can access most of the features for free, but they have subscriptions to give you access to more features as well.

Features of Janitor AI

  • Various Characters to Choose from: You can pick from a wide range of anime character options for chatting or roleplaying. I personally liked the option to customize the appearance, personality, and voice of the characters. Therefore it allows you to tune the preset characters according the the user’s choices and preferences.
  • Allows Contextual Understanding: Your chats need not be too bland or one-sided. Janitor AI attempts to bridge the human-AI gap by availing contextual understanding of your conversations so that the characters give you more relevant and engaging responses.
  • Utilizes LLM for Better Results: Janitor AI uses Large Language Models or LLMs, and therefore it can perform Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks such as answering questions in a conversational manner and generating faster and more efficient responses.
  • Allows Character Marketization: Not only does this platform allow users to create and customize chatbots, but they can also market them and offer chat services. This expands the range of characters already present and creates a rich and varied character marketplace.
  • Allows NSFW Content: This feature attracts a lot of the user base of Janitor AI and makes it one of the most widely used CharacterAI alternatives. Janitor AI allows NSFW content for users above the age of 18 years. They can enable this from their settings. The platform allows adult content as well as violence and gore.
  • Allows Multi-age Interaction: Janitor AI is a platform that for both children and adults, does not cater to only a certain age group. It does have some safety features to protect younger users. There are even premade AI characters present who will cater to a certain age group or interests.
  • Enables Multi-channel Support: This makes Janitor AI accessible to more users across multiple channels and platforms, websites, social media, messaging applications, and much more.

Janitor AI can be used for:

It can also be used by businesses as a chatbot for customer support and answering queries to boost customer experience.
Businesses can also use it as chatbots for customer support and answering queries to boost customer experience.
It can also be used by businesses as chatbots for customer support and answering queries to boost customer experience.
  • A diverse range of AI characters for chatting or roleplaying.
  • Allows users to customize the characters, their appearance, and personality, and market them as well.
  • Enables contextual understanding of messages and queries to give relevant responses.
  • NSFW content is available only for users above 18 years of age.
  • Supports character interactions for all ages.
  • Provides a smooth user interface.
  • Provides multi-channel support, making it access to a larger user base.
  • Access to more features through subscriptions.
  • Can be addictive after a while.
  • AI characters ultimately lack emotional intelligence and might not be able to provide the relevant response all the time.

Free Plan

Access most of the features and Customization options for Free!



1. Get access to more characters, and even premium characters.

2. Customize your chat experience, including background, text, and color.

3. You can Save and Load Conversations.

4. You can share your conversations with others.

5. Access Priority Support.
$9.99/ month



ChAI or Chat with AI Friends is a platform that allows users to connect and chat with various chatbots. They have a vast library of different chatbots for you to explore, or you can build your own chatbot using the Chipy Python Library. These chatbots are designed to impersonate lifelike human conversations to provide an engaging experience to their users. Let us take a look at some of its features.

Features of ChAI

  • Converse with a Number of Chatbots: When I was first testing out ChAI, it only allowed me to chat with a handful of chatbots. However once I registered and created an account, I was thrilled to gain access to a number of chatbots to chat with. You can choose the mood of the conversation, from light casual chatting to deep discussions, you can do it all. You can also explore and learn about various subjects and issues from the chatbots.
  • Supports NSFW Content: ChAI supports NSFW content, and is therefore one of the most worthy CharacterAI alternatives. It has an NSFW Toggle option available that allows users to decide whether they want to generate NSFW content on the platform.
  • Allows Users to Build Chatbots and Share them: This is an interesting aspect of ChAI. Do you have a specific idea of a chatbot in mind? Then you can build your own chatbot on ChAI, using the Chaipy Python Library. It provides a simple API to create chatbots easily. You can choose from a variety of pre-made language models or train your own language model. Once you have created your chatbot, you can share it on the platform for fellow users to access and chat with. You can also collaborate with developers to create better chatbots in the future. So this not only helps you show off your skills but also enhances and improves them.
  • Track the Performance of your Chatbots: You can track the performance of your chatbots through the global leaderboards. This allows you to determine how your chatbot is performing against other chatbots around the world, and understand the aspects that can be made better.
  • Available as a Website and Application: Not only can you access ChAI through its website, but from its application as well. You can access the ChAI app through both Android and iOS devices. All you need to do is search for it on the Play Store or App Store and install it on your device.

ChAI can be used for:

Can help in relaxing or unwinding, and you can create fun and engaging chatbots for your friends and family.
You can create a chatbot for your business for customer support and answering questions to boost customer experience.
Developers can create chatbots for gaming apps to boost retention and enhance customer experience.
  • Has a user-friendly interface
  • Converse with various premade chatbots
  • Build a chatbot yourself and share it among the community.
  • Track the performance of your chatbot and understand the aspects of improvement.
  • Supports NSFW content for users who are interested.
  • Available both as a website and an application.
  • Premium subscriptions allow access to better features.
  • The free version supports ads.
  • The free website version is very limited and you have to download the application or buy subscriptions to access more features.
  • Supports only English.
  • The sign-up button glitches sometimes.

Free Plan

1. Chat with pre-existing AI characters

2. Build your won chatbot.

3. Track your chatbot’s performance.

4. Share your chatbot with the world

ChAI Premium

1. Get all the features in Free Plan

2. Get access to exclusive chatbots.

3. Increased chatbot capacity.

4. Priority customer support.

$10/ month

ChAI Ultra

1. Get all the features in ChAI Premium Plan.

2. Access the best conversational models.

3. Early Acces to new features.

4. Dedicated customer success manager
$20/ month



Anima is a virtual AI friend chatbot that gives its users company and the warmth of friendship. This platform lets you chat and engage with anime characters to share your thoughts and feelings. It is an intelligent AI that is trained to listen to the user, understand their feelings, share their thoughts, chat and roleplay, and provide them with company. As someone experiencing loneliness very often, I was very excited to test it out. I had learned that it can also provide users with songs, poems, and stories, and I could not wait to try out its limits. The paid subscription of Anima supports NSFW content, thus making it one of the better-known CharacterAI alternatives.

Features of Anima

  • Chat with Anima AI: You can chat with Anima 24/7 whenever you find it necessary. You can do this just for fun or unwinding, or for sharing something personal. You can engage in deep, fascinating conversations with Anima on endless topics and you will get very engaging responses. Anima can also roleplay as your virtual partner, girlfriend, or boyfriend as per your preference. It also supports NSFW content for users who are interested.
  • Possesses Deep Empathy: Anima is not created like the other chatbots that give you repetitive canned responses to your messages. It becomes your friend, coach, or mentor, whatever you want it to be. Using deep machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), it responds to your queries. It also uses advanced algorithms to create realistic and engaging conversations with its users. Anima can detect your mood and tone through sentiment analysis and emotion recognition.
  • Customize the Appearance and Personality: Anima allows you to customize the appearance and personality of your chatbot according to your preference.
  • Gamification: You can use Anima to take personality tests so that it can understand you better. The new Anima AI bot has feelings, goals, and values, but it needs your help to achieve them.
  • Provides a Judgement-free space to chat: Anima provides you with a space to put down your thoughts and feelings without any fear of judgment. This quality helps boost the mental health of its users and helps them relax and unwind. It also has a community of like-minded users to connect with.

Anima can be used for:

For having fun and engaging conversations, to relax and unwind after a stressful day.
Offers a safe and judgment-free space for users to share their thoughts and feelings and boost their mental health.
  • Empathetic AI that understands your thoughts, feelings, and moods and gives relevant and emotionally intelligent responses.
  • Available 24/7 to support the user.
  • You can customize its appearance and personality as per your preferences.
  • Allows NSFW content to maintain a free space for users to interact.
  • Provides a judgment-free space to chat and express your feelings and thoughts.
  • Has some gamification features to keep users engaged.
  • It requires a subscription to access all the features.
  • Some users have complained about the chatbot misunderstanding certain contexts of the conversations.

Free Plan

Access most of the features and customization options for Free!

Paid Subscription

Access better customization and features to have more engaging conversations with your AI chatbot.
$12.56/ month

Tavern AI

Tavern AI

Tavern AI is an open-source AI chatbot platform that offers a unique and engaging conversational experience to its users with a diverse range of AI characters. While this quality of Tavern AI makes it one of the widely-used CharacterAI alternatives, this platform works in a slightly different way. You require an external API like ChatGPT, KolboldAI, Pygmalion, etc. to work with Tavern AI. However, I really enjoyed the fact that it could bring several characters like celebrities, actors, and famous cartoon characters to life to chat and converse with. Let us explore some of the features of Tavern AI.

Features of Tavern AI

  • Immersive Chat Experience with a Diverse Library of AI Characters: This feature of Tavern AI is quite similar to a few more AI chatbots that we have previously discussed. I personally liked the wide array of pre-existing AI chatbots present in it, from celebrities to actors, musicians, cartoon characters, and famous politicians, this platform assures some interesting and engaging conversations and immersive chat experiences. The also allows NSFW content, making it one of the worthiest CharacterAI alternatives.
  • Create Your Own AI Character: This is another interesting feature that Tavern AI offers you. You can create your own AI characters and customize them with certain characteristics and a unique appearance. You can also choose their personality traits and qualities as per your preferences. And the process is super easy as well! You only have to write a few lines about it and provide a sample chat, and AI will do the rest. I suggest you try out this feature ASAP!
  • Provides Multi-Language Model Support: Tavern AI provides this unique feature that is it allows users to choose an external API or a language model to generate AI responses. Users can choose from an array of options like ChatGPT or OpenAI, Kobold AI, Claude, Novel AI, Pygmalion, and more! Different language models will generate different responses, so you can check out and explore these diverse language models.
  • Assures a User-friendly Interface: I liked the fact that the platform provided such a smooth user interface. It is quite easy to navigate, interruption-free, and offers a seamless experience for users. There are various customization options for you to make it a more personalized experience for you. You can elevate your chatting experience by customizing the background, UI colors, chat size, avatars, and a lot more.
  • Offers a Group Chat Feature: This feature of Tavern AI allows you to add multiple AI characters in a group chat. This can enhance your chatting experience and make it more engaging and entertaining.

Tavern AI can be used for:

For entertainment and relaxation diving into real-time engaging conversations with AI models.
For drafting emails, writing letters, scripts, poems, stories, and a lot more.
Writers can use it to generate novel ideas for their story, engage in immersive storytelling, develop characters and plot twists, co-write with the AI characters, and also ask for feedback.
  • Engage in immersive chatting experiences with diverse AI characters.
  • The platform allows NSFW content and that attracts a major part of the user base.
  • You can easily create your own AI chatbot character with its unique personality and appearance.
  • Provides multiple language model support for you to explore.
  • The platform is easy to navigate and offers a seamless, user-friendly experience.
  • Offers a group chat feature with multiple AI characters to have some fun and entertaining conversations,
  • Setting up the platform can be a little tricky, especially for non-tech-savvy people (like me).
  • The platform relies on external APIs to run.
  • Provides limited language support.


Tavern AI is free to use, but because it depends on external APIs, these may charge for usage and subscriptions.

Crushon AI

Crushon AI

Crushon AI is one of the popular platforms that offers a more enhanced experience than most other chatbots. One of the best CharacterAI alternatives, Crushon AI provides the ultimate AI Girlfriend experience with unfiltered NSFW chats. It offers an immersive and engaging chatting experience with several customization options to explore. Let us discuss some features of Chrushon AI.

Features of Crushon AI

  • No Restricting NSFW Filters: Unlike the restricting and limiting NSFW filters of CharacterAI, Crushon AI allows you to chat freely with the chatbots. You can explore a wide range of subjects to chat about without the fear of getting banned.
  • Diverse Library of AI Characters: I liked the extensive selection of AI characters that Crushon AI offers. You can choose from a wide range of personalities, celebrities, and more!
  • Personalized Characters: Do you want your AI character chatbot to have a unique character and appearance? Crushon AI offers that too! You can curate your own personalized and fully realized AI character according to your preference. It allows you to customize the appearance, personality, traits, and background of your AI character.
  • Advanced AI Algorithm: Crushon AI is powered by advanced AI technology to provide you with best-in-class AI interactions that are engaging, human-like, and offer an immersive chatting experience.
  • User-friendly Interface: I found the platform easy to navigate and convenient to use. It is fast with almost no lags and offers an overall seamless experience.
  • Community support and regular updates: You can access the vibrant and supportive community of Crushon AI users and meet some friendly, like-minded people through the same. The platform is also regularly updated, so you won’t be bored anytime soon!

Crushon AI can be Used for:

Engage in entertaining and amusing conversations with Crushon AI to help you relax and unwind.
Can help adult fiction writers explore and generate content and interactions for their stories as there are no NSFW limitations.
  • There are no NSFW limitations, thus attracting a larger user base.
  • A diverse library of AI characters to choose from and interact with.
  • Offers customization options to create your own unique AI character.
  • Advanced AI algorithm provides human-like responses and an immersive chatting experience.
  • Convenient and user-friendly interface that provides a seamless experience.
  • A vibrant and supportive community to meet like-minded people.
  • The platform is frequently updated with new and exciting features and characters, so you will not be bored anytime soon!
  • It might not be suitable for users under the age of 18.
  • You will need to buy a premium subscription to access more features.

Free Plan

1. 50 messages/ month.

2. Create Custom Characters.

3. Access community characters.

4. Memory deleted after 7 days of inactivity.


Standard Plan

1. 2000 messages/ month.

2. Dedicated chat capacity with basic priority

3. Create Custom Characters.

4. Access Community Characters.

5. Limited Memory

Premium Plan

1. 6000 messages/ month.

2. Good memory.

3. Dedicated chat capacity with medium priority.

4. Create custom characters.

5. Access community characters.

$14.9/ month

Deluxe Plan

1. Unlimited messages/ month.

2. Maximum memory.

3. Dedicated chat capacity with high priority.

4. Create custom characters.

5. Acces community characters.

6. Adjust memory size.

7. Adjust AI message lengths.

Candy AI

Candy AI

Immersive chatting nd virtual roleplays just got more interesting with Candy AI. This platform offers you AI-powered virtual companions for genuine and interesting conversations. With a diverse range of characters to choose from and adaptive roleplaying features, you can chat freely with AI chatbots on Candy AI. This platform is free from NSFW filters, and therefore it is one of the most sought-after CharacterAI alternatives. Let us take a look at some of its features.

Features of Candy AI

  • Various AI Characters to Choose from: The diverse and vast character library of Candy AI attracts most of its user base. You can choose from a huge character library with unique backgrounds, personalities, and appearances, to chat and engage with. There are both anime as well as life-like characters, with backgrounds like scientists, celebrities, yoga teachers, and many more characters with diverse backgrounds to choose from.
  • User-friendly Interface: When I tested out Candy AI, I found it quite easy to navigate and overall seamless experience with a few glitches here and there. I enjoyed the customization features and the fast processing website through and through.
  • Engage in Interesting and Educational Conversations: Candy AI character library has a diverse range of characters with professional and educational backgrounds in science, art, history, and more. So it is very interesting to have informative conversations with them, learn and explore new innovative topics, and overall get to know about some new things.
  • Engage in Immersive Role-playing: Not only educational conversations, but you can also engage in immersive role-playing chats with AI characters on Candy AI. The advanced AI algorithm provides relevant and engaging responses to the users’ inputs and makes the conversations all the more interesting. This platform is also free of NSFW filters, so you can converse freely without any worry of getting banned.
  • Updated Regularly: Although the platform is comparatively newer, it goes through regular updates and additions, so there is always something new and exciting to look forward to. This is also necessary to fix the bugs and lags that this website often experiences.

Candy AI can be used for:

To help you relax and unwind through engaging and immersive conversations with AI characters.
It can be used for educational purposes as well. You can converse with AI characters with knowledge and experience about various subjects like art, history, science, and more, and learn new things from them.
Writers can converse with the characters to develop new plots, dialogues, and storylines for their stories. They can also collaborate with other users or AI characters for the same.
  • Diverse library of AI characters to choose from.
  • User-friendly experience and the platform is easy to navigate.
  • Converse with AI characters with professional backgrounds to get educated about different subjects like science, history, literature, and more.
  • Engage in immersive roleplaying with AI characters without limitations as Candy AI is free from NSFW filters.
  • The platform is updated regularly to keep it free from bugs and give its users new and exciting additions to look forward to.
  • It might not be appropriate for users below the age of 18 years.
  • The platform is comparatively new and experiences some lags and bugs.
  • There are better and more popular platforms already available.

Free Plan

Access most of the features for free!

Freemium Plan

Access additional features through the Freemium Plan
$9/ Month

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Character AI NSFW filter-free?

No, CharacterAI has NSFW filters that restrict users from using inappropriate language. It might also ban users if it detects NSFW content. However, in this blog, we have discussed CharacterAI alternatives that are free of NSFW filters.

Do CharacterAI alternatives have NSFW filters?

All of the CharacterAI alternatives discussed in this blog, like Janitor AI, ChAI, Tavern AI, Anima, and Crushon AI do not have any NSFW filters. Therefore these platforms have a greater user base.

Are CharacterAI alternatives safe?

Yes, the CharacterAI alternatives discussed in this blog are safe to use and protect the privacy of their users.


While Character AI is a popular AI chatbot used for different purposes, most users look for CharacterAI alternatives because of its NSFW filters. In this blog, I have suggested and comprehensively discussed some of the most popular and widely-used CharacterAI Alternatives that you can surely explore and try out for yourself. Happy Chatting!

Srijita Dutta
Srijita Dutta

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