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The Best Apps to Stream Movies for Free: Updated 2024

Streaming services have made accessing entertainment more accessible. But most major platforms like Hulu, Netflix, and Disney Plus, among others, are not free. Movie lovers have to contend with paying the subscription fee. This may feel unpleasant to those on a budget.

But that can well be a thing of the past. Several free movie streaming apps and websites have emerged, giving you access to content for free. These platforms house an impressive library of films across various genres. Most of them are compatible with all operating systems, such as Android, iOS, and PCs.

Let’s dive into the list of the best free movie streaming apps that can easily replace paid streaming.

1. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a free movie streaming app with a desktop and app version. What makes the Tubi TV stand out is its impressive collection of movies, all of which are available in high quality. Movies are available across a range of genres, from horrors to comedy, drama, and more.

Content on Tubi TV keeps updating, with new movies added every week. The service is in partnership with studios like Lionsgate, Paramount, and Starz. This makes it supply a steady stream of quality content to viewers. There are also Tubi Originals like 10 Truths About Love and Teardrop with compelling storylines. With an extensive collection of content and a user-friendly interface, Tubi TV won’t disappoint any movie lover.

2. FilmRise

FilmRise, an on-demand streaming service, houses more than 20,000 titles across diverse genres. It is in partnership with Warner Bros, ITV Studios, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. This is the main reason behind its expansive collection. FilmRise has a special collection of Indie movies but there are also movies from well-known actors.

Movies can be watched in HD on several devices, from phones to streaming devices and Xbox. The content on this app is divided between Films and Television. The Films section features a range of new releases, documentaries, and featured films. The television list includes classic, reality, and featured television. FilmRise is perfect for all types of audiences, whether you are into obscure titles or mainstream content.

3. Distro TV

Distro TV gives you access to an on-demand library of entertainment content and live TV streams. You do not have to sign up to start streaming. The service does not offer brand-new titles, but it makes up for it, letting you access over 300 free live-streaming channels. Channels span various genres, from news, sports, and business, to on-demand TV shows and more.

The user interface is minimal, with the menu broken down into On Demand and Live categories. A search bar lets you look for content quickly. The app’s live-streaming content is extensive. So, if you are into this type of content, Distro TV is worth checking out.

4. Kodi

Kodi is a free, open-source media player that is compatible with various devices. After installing it on your device, you need to find the right add-ons to watch movies, listen to music, podcasts, and more. There are plenty of free add-ons that let you stream movies for free. Some of the best ones include Asgard, Shadow, The Magic, and The Crew.

If you want to customize your Kodi experience further, use Kodi builds. They are preconfigured versions of its interface. They come preloaded with add-ons, custom settings, and themes. Currently, there are 30 essential builds for Kodi with high-quality video add-ons that take care of all your streaming needs. By choosing the right add-ons or builds for Kodi, you can have an enjoyable streaming experience.

5. Stremio

Stremio, like Kodi, is a media center application for tablets, smartphones, and PCs. Still, it is not exactly the same as the media player. Stremio gives you content recommendations and its addons aren’t installed on the user’s computer.

After downloading the media center on your device, you can install several free movie streaming add-ons. These add-ons let you access a range of content, from indie films, to viral videos, TV shows, and more. The Stremio app organizes your favorite content from various sources. So it becomes easy to pick and stream content. The user interface is sleek, which ensures that you can watch titles without any hassle.

Another thing worth mentioning about Stremio is its emphasis on user privacy. The app doesn’t collect your personal data except what is needed to create and sync your account. Thus, it offers a worry-free streaming experience.

6. Freevee

Freevee is a fairly recent streaming service from Amazon. Although ad-run, it has an enormous library of entertainment content. Freevee also has more than 150 ad-supported live channels. The library of the service is constantly updating. So, viewers get access to newer content regularly.

Besides the usual movies and TV shows, Freevee also produces its own Original programs, which you can watch on the platform. Not only that but sometimes, the service makes Amazon Prime Originals available, too, although for a limited time.

If you are a movie lover or a cord-cutter wanting to replace your cable TV but are on a budget, Freevee is the perfect streaming app.

7. Crackle

Crackle comes from Chicken Soup for the Soul. The free streaming app offers a diverse mix of TV series, movies, and original programming. No sign-up is required to stream content. However, if you do register, you can leverage other features. These include saving your progress, and tagging shows to be watched later.

Crackle makes available an impressive variety of content. These include popular on-demand movies, on-demand TV series, kids’ content, and original content. Crackle is an ad-run. But the number of ads you will encounter is much less than other services. The user interface is neat, with most things being achieved by just a click of a button.

If you are a lover of original content, Crackle, as a free streaming app, will not disappoint.

8. Popcornflix

Popcornflix provides access to TV episodes and movies for free to its users. There isn’t a need to register on the platform. However, if you do, all that you need to give of yourself is just an email. Popcornflix offers popular movies, TV series, and original content. The platform is ad-run. So, be prepared to encounter frequent commercial breaks. Thankfully, you won’t be annoyed by them. Only a single ad at the beginning, after which you can stream the rest of the film without interruption.

The user interface of this streaming app is pretty easy to navigate. Whether you use the app or the browser version, a simple mouse click is all you need to access content.

9. Pluto TV

Pluto TV has retained its popularity as one of the best free streaming services for a few years now. It aggregates popular free streaming offerings across the internet. Pluto’s live channel selection is decent. You can find well-known brands like MTV, Comedy Central, VH1, and more. Similarly, there are options for sports and news, too.

Pluto TV gives you access to a huge catalog of on-demand movies and original content. The user interface is intuitive, and although the service is ad-run, it is a small price for the content it provides.

Final Thoughts

Free movie streaming services help you enjoy much of the paid content at no price at all. You can switch between any one or more of them easily. However, to make the best decision, try out a few and see whether they fit your entertainment needs. You can mix a few to gain access to a diverse variety of content. Rest assured, the abundance of free streaming options will satisfy even the most discerning movie enthusiasts.

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