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FAQ’s for LTD Sellers

  1. Can I sell my other subscription plans on HTBS?

No, only LTD is allowed to sell. 

  1. How do I know who purchased my subscription?

Inside your vendor dashboard, you will get your customer information. 

  1. How can we automate sales on HTBS with our software auto-upgrade for customers?

You can manually connect your customer post-sales or connect with us to automate this with our API calls. 

  1. How can I perform SEO for my product listing on HTBS?

You get that feature in our vendor dashboard, where you can edit and manage your metadata and on-page content for your product listing. Any changes you make, it will every time go under review for us to approve the changes done. 

  1. What analytical data do we get when our product gets listed on HTBS?

We have integration of Google Analytics and search console, which enable us to share information like keywords, locations, devices, etc, from which your product was getting the traffic on your product landing page. 

  1. How do we add our chat support on the product landing page?

You can integrate your own Tawk to chat support dedicatedly on your product landing page. From your vendor dashboard, you will find this option under settings menu. 

  1. Can we promote our coupon codes? 

Yes, you will get an option inside the vendor dashboard to add a coupon code to promote on your landing page. 

  1. Can we add managers to the vendor dashboard?

Yes, you can add your dedicated staff to manage. On an invite basis, you enter your staff email ID to invite them to manage the vendor portal. 

  1. What payment withdrawal methods are accepted on HTBS?

You can add PayPal, skrill, and direct bank transfer methods to withdraw your sales amount to your business accounts.

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