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This is not going to be a very fancy page. This is an informative page written straight by the founder “Snehil Prakash”, I am typing this text/page right now, who is willing to support kids of the future. Go down this page where I am here to tell you my pain, starting from India, for poor kids and how I have decided to deal with it. 

The painful story


Before you read this till the end “Which is important”, I want to mention this here. I am not here to beg but make you guys aware that the kids in my country need help. I am extremely emotional when I see that poor kid are born in a poor family, unfortunately, leading to living a life which they should not deserve. 


Why should kids sleep on footpaths? They were born to a poor family, it was not their fault. You may say that this is what God has decided for them but sorry, I don’t wish to blame God for the poor state of those little kids, living on the roadside, crying to get one piece of bread to fulfill their hunger. I am not able to bear the pain of a poor kid, crying this way.


They didn’t get an opportunity to earn the amount of bread and butter that can keep their tummy happy. 


Every time I see such little kids on the roadside, living a miserable life, it makes me remind that they are suffering this not because of their actions but because they were born in a poor family. 


I generally go to such kids and offer them food to eat or money to spend on good food but I know this will give them temporary pleasure. What about the other day when I am not there to give food and money? 


I don’t have any idea on whom to approach or whom to trust on helping such kids of my country hence I am here on howtobuysaas, creating this page today, where I can start taking initiative from today to take a portion of revenue out from howtobuysaas and use them to adopt poor kids of India for educating them and feeding them till they graduate. 


I don’t know how will I start all of this, but I want to do it at my personal level. Don’t wish to involve any agencies or NGO’s because I want to adopt these poor kids as if they are mine. I wish to be happy when they top in their school and college exams and be with them, support them when they feel down.


I just want to make an appeal to all those who have read my pain and my kid’s problem till here, it helps me. I am not a millionaire or billionaire or even my business howtobuysaas has grown such big to afford a kid till graduation. 


I want to appeal to all the Software fraternity and industry experts to join hands with me to improve our howtobuysaas revenue so that I can spend 10% of Howtobuysaas revenue every month on poor children education, starting from where I had adopted him/her.


Please join hands with me by filling the form below to fund these kids’ education by spending money over the Howtobuysaas revenue generation process which will allow me to reinvest 10% of it to my kids in need. 


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