eSign Genie Reviews: User Reviews and Ratings

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eSign Genie is an easy to use and affordable legally binding esignature solution to create documents, reusable templates and to obtain esignatures from single/multiple/bulk parties.

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What is eSign Genie?

Close deals faster with eSign Genie! eSign Genie is a very easy, affordable, secure and legally binding HIPAA compliant esignature solution.

Helpful features include:
- Reusable templates to save time
- Ability to send one or more documents together for esignature(s)
- Audit trail and Certificate of Completion
- Attachments such as photos, drivers license etc.
- In-person signing
- Bulk sending for esignatures, i.e. permission slips
- Generating a document link to email for esignatures
- Online form/Embedding code easily for non-techies to integrate esignatures into your website.
- Using eSign Genie REST APIs to integrate with your website or application
- Integration with Google Drive and Dropbox

Save paper, time, hassle,  money and the environment by using eSign Genie esignatures.

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eSign Genie Reviews: User Reviews and Ratings
eSign Genie Reviews: User Reviews and Ratings
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